New Jersey Plan: Period One

Group Members and Roles

  • Caity: Speech
  • Emily: Debate
  • Shaena: Photographer
  • Anna: Tech, Proposal
  • Kirsten: Print Journalist, Broshure
  • AstroMax: TV Ad, Radio Ad
  • Hannah: Video Journalist

Group Slogan

"Bringin' In The Situation for Equal Representation!"

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

''We want equal representation in unicameral Congress by states, regardless of size or population.''

"Bringin' In The Situation for Equal Representation!"

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • We want equal representation in unicameral Congress by states, regardless of size or population.
  • One state, one vote.
  • We do not agree with slavery, and believe that ‘…all men are created equal…’ as stated in the Declaration of Independence.
  • We want three branches of government: Legislative, Executive and Judicial.
  • The Legislative branch would appoint the people who serve in the Executive branch.
  • The Executive branch would appoint the justices of the Supreme Court, or the Judicial branch.
  • We want checks and balances for these three branches.
  • We want the national government to have the power to: Levy Taxes and Import Duties, Regulate Trade.
  • We want the state laws inferior to the laws passed by the national legislature.

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen my name is William Patterson here to Bring the Situation of equal representation:

In 1775, we started a war, a war we obviously were not fit to win. But we banded together as a country and fought those tyrannical tea loving

Mr. Patterson argues for the small state plan.

Brits off of our land. We accomplished this as equal Americans banded together under the fist of tyranny. My fellow delegates… I hope that the reason for waging war has not been so quickly forgotten; needn’t I remind you that we chose to fight for equal representation in parliament? And in 1776 when we drew up the Declaration of Independence we also declared democracy and the prevention of future monarchy? From that moment it seems absolutely illogical to support a Congress that will inevitably erect another hierarchy. My friends, don’t you see that by supporting the Virginia Plan, we are handing the power straight to majority states! For every vote in Connecticut will be outweighed by four votes in Virginia! Therefore we must take the road less traveled by; we must choose equality and liberty with equal representation.
Being a smaller state does not mean we are by any means less in the eyes of equality, I propose minority rights for smaller states and for any of those who oppose, I simply say this: Why don’t you try explaining to the widows and children of our “smaller states” that the lives their fathers, and husbands, put forth for this country are not as equal to those lost by the majority states. We have fought just as hard for freedom and independence as any of the girth states have, and therefore deserve the right to reap the benefits. *

During the war we did not send out a number of troops based on state population, we sent out whoever could help, our whole army consisted of simple farmers with guns! Thus we must uproot the seeds of bias and nurture the perennial blossom that is to be our future country.
In this beautiful floweret I have envisioned, a united nation, with a unicameral house. This creates a system were all states would be represented equally, and all states would uphold the same amount of power. The stem of our flower would be upheld by three equally supporting branches that consist of the legislative, the executive and judicial branch. Like our country these branches will work hand in hand. Observe: the legislature appoints people to serve in the executive branch and the executive branch then selects the justices of the Supreme Court. This would create a system of checks and balances, and ensures that not one branch has more power then the next. Consequently this would secure not only the individual freedoms of the people but keep the government from abusing its power. *

I would also like to propose that the national government would be responsible for levying taxes and importing jobs desperately needed for the people in our unseasoned country. I believe they should also regulate trade and contend state laws that would be secondary to laws passed by the national legislature. *

Many believe that a strong central government will result in a powerful nation when in reality, we may be strong centrally but if we are not united how does one expect to be supported during a war? If the smaller states had no say in the matter, then what’s the point of even participating? You see how the Virginia Plan can ultimately break up our united nations and bring us to a central power of hierarchy?? We have an obligation to create a united, equal nation for not only ourselves but our future generations, with everyone expecting us to fail, we must prove them wrong. Will you let our children think of us as rebels that led themselves down a path of internal destruction? I for one will not. *
New Jersey Brochure Page 2

Therefore I urge you to support the New Jersey Plan that stands for a unicameral house where all states big or small would be represented equally, a system of checks in balances in regards to our tripartite branches of government, a national government proficient enough to levy taxes, import duties, regulate trade and create secondary laws to the laws passed by the national legislature.
So don’t let the situation get out of hand, vote for the New Jersey plan.
Thank you.

Print Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity

The tension was tangible in the air this morning while the delegates of the Constitutional Convention convened [in secrecy] to draw out the plans for the first Federal Constitution. Congruity was questionable by the end of the day’s scintillatingly loquacious debates and arguments which sizzled like eggs on a hot pan. Boos and hisses were exchanged with fist-pumps and hazzahs. The day’s auspicious tangents and malignant ideas began with James Madison representing the first of the two larger concepts of the day: The Virginia Plan.*

Madison’s claims embarked with the countries weakness being linked to the lack of a strong central government. His goals were to promote national unity and have a democratically proportional representation based on size and population. Virginia and its grand plan seemed to feign a care for the small states and attempt to prevent the nation from “…splintering off,” yet as Charles Cotesworth Pickney stated in the later debate, “I am not a baby…” New Jersey brought it back strong to prove that the small states could stand on their own; therefore, equal representation was best, no matter the size. The stunning Jersey native, William Paterson kept it classy and fought for three branches of government coming in a package with a bright, sparkly-red bow of a checks and balances system. The gorgeous Paterson was later accompanied by the dazzling Patrick Henry and their omnipotent presence threw off waves of reverence. Paterson brought back the revolutionary fervor and conjured past emotions of unity by stating, “…I hope that the reasons for waging war has not been so quickly forgotten…We have fought just as hard for freedom and independence as any of the girth states have, and therefore deserve the right to reap the benefits…”*

This decisive speech was followed by the Great Compromise’s Political Action Committee’s aging Benjamin Franklin, who brought many interesting anecdotes to the table. We could always count on Ben for a good laugh to lighten the tense mood. His claims included that of bringing in two different branches of legislature: the Senate which denoted New Jersey’s side of equal representation; and the House of Representatives, embodying Virginia’s idea of the proportional representation by size and population. These ideas proved solid.*
The New Jersey Plan debates the issue

Franklin was tailed by the Crispus Attucks Coalition, orated by George Mason. He began with the statement of “…the whole room vibrates with the fervor of freedom.” The erudite speech spurned slavery, claiming that the “…first patriot was a black man.” Mason’s goal was to “…wean our states off of slavery.” His proclamations were scorned by the Dixiecrat Bloc whom kept a tenacious attitude against the freedom of slaves, petitioning for the ‘Three-Fifth’s Compromise’ and unity as a country. These two groups later vilified and besmirched each other for the final say in the end of slavery.*

After these lurid speeches, the delegates seemed indefatigable, jumping right into the debates. New Jersey and Virginia seemed to shoot virtual guns of descant hatred and slandering back and forth, causing a stalemate. Virginia stepped even so far as to claim, “My Virginia’s bigger than yours!” The same came about for the Crispus Attucks Coalition and the Dixiecrat Bloc. Cannons were nigh in their austere combat as swords were pulled, pipes smoked and Mason’s angered air punches becoming a continuous hand motion. The Great Compromise PAC spoke when needed to relieve the absolute anxiety floating through the atmosphere. Ben Franklin began again with his anecdotes of mothers beating little boys and a fly caught in a spider’s web. Other than the few pointers and amusing tales of a future legislature broken into two branches, the Great Compromise PAC merely acted as spectators in the two simultaneous verbal wars between the other four PACs.*

With an overall garrulously eventful morning, the Constitutional Convention with take these points and speculations into thought. With emotions sprinting in circles between the evanescent opinions, only some will get their way. The Great Compromise gives a half-and-half answer to the two large ‘plans’, yet momentarily there are no compromises for the rankle topic of slavery. We shall see the final document once all thought is put to paper; we shall hopefully then see the true unity of our nation. Let us enjoy our present freedom and all succor in the transformation of our defunct status of child of mother England to the United States of American. Let liberty reign!*

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