Period Three Crispus Attucks Coalition

Group Members and Roles

"Liberty for All Makes America Stand Tall."

John: Speech, Facebook page creator, Photoshop editor

Dawson: Debate, Radio Spot
Emma: Writer/Wiki Aficionado (not really), Photoshop editor, TV Ad editing
Brinsley: Radio Spot
Mason: Photographer, Print and Video Journalist

Group Slogan

"Liberty for All Makes America Stand Tall."

Orator: Text of Your Speech

My fellow brethren, my fellow Americans, my fellow freedom fighters:
George Mason hates slavery!
“Liberty for all will make America stand tall.” I, George Mason, am a slave owner. First-hand, I have witnessed the inequality inflicted upon slaves in America. We have just completed a war fighting for our freedom from an over-bearing mother country. As the slaves begin to call for their freedom, how will we respond? I pray that we will not stoop as low as England; that we will grant liberty to all. Judge them not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Slaves are calling for their freedom. How will we answer their call? Our Declaration of independence states, “That all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Not only does it say that ALL men are created equal, but that God has endowed them with the right to liberty. Galatians states, ”There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Even our God makes no distinction between white and black, slave and freeman, African and American. Slaves are no different; they are not “animals”. Slaves deserve the freedom that you and I so freely enjoy.

Slaves are human beings just like you and me. They have souls. They reason. They suffer, breathe, and die just like you and me. Slaves are not “animals”. Slaves are not “chattel”. Slaves are human. In the south, you count salves in your population. They count for your representation. If you consider slaves equal to animals, then why does the north not count their chickens, cows and horses in their population? Why are the animals not represented if the slaves are? THERE. That is the distinction. Slaves are not animals. They are human beings. Slaves bleed the same red blood when wounded; slaves are nourished by the same food; slaves delight in the same entertainment; slaves call out for their same needs to be answered. Their need is freedom. We have just fought for freedom. Will you deny them their request? If we
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do not grant slaves their freedom now, we will be faced with the same fight for freedom that we have just concluded. However, in that fight we will be the oppressors. We will be the haters. We will be the tyrants. We will be England. The slaves will be fighting for freedom. The rolls will change. If we do not begin the evolution of the abolition of slavery today, we will drive straight into another fight for freedom in the very near future.

Slaves are humans. However, we have never treated them as such. Although this is not the strongest of examples, bear with me my brethren. While we fought the French during the Seven Years War, imagine that instead of being taken captive, we were sold to England into slavery. We were stripped from our families, sons, daughters, wives. We would never see them again. While we are being transported to England, we transform from a free man into a slave. On that boat where we transform, we are barely surviving, living in the most unhygienic circumstances possible. We are laid side by side, shackled to the man next to us, below the boat. The boat rolls. People vomit. People defecate. Who cleans it? No one. Toward the end of our passage multiple brothers are beginning to perish. This journey is known as the “Middle Passage.” This is how the slaves are transported to America. If you survive the insanity of the unsanitary boat ride, you are greeted in an unknown world, by garish, hostile slave traders who only notice you if you will bring them profit. You are alone, without your family, unaware of what is to come. How can we do that atrocity to our fellow human beings? How can we continue to tolerate slavery in our FREE land of America? Slaves are humans. However, we are treating them like insensitive animals. We must stop this vile act. Slavery is wrong.

What do I propose as the solution to slavery? I propose the evolution of the extinction of slavery. A capricious halting of slavery will cause our economy to crumble to dust. We are too dependent on our slave population. Without slaves in the south our economy would be lost. No one would be willing to pick the tobacco. That is why an evolution, a gradual change over time, is the best solution. With this evolution we will be able to wean ourselves off of the slavery which we cling so closely to. As we set some slaves free we will replace them with the plantation owner’s family, who should be working his own farm. I propose that no more slaves be imported. We must flee from slavery and the wrath that comes with it. It was once said that slavery was, “the founding sin of America.”

Slaves are humans. They are equal. Even the Declaration of independence states that, “all men are created equal.” Slaves are men. They are our equals. They deserve freedom and respect. If we can reap the benefits of freedom then the slaves ought to be able to benefit from slavery too. They ought to

be able to taste the succulent juices of freedom, the freeing feeling of independence, and the liberating feeling of liberty. Liberty for all makes America stand tall.

Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

  • Negroes are not true Americans; Yes they are, they fought in the war to gain our independence
  • Negroes are not people; Then why are they counted as 3/5ths of people for voting and taxing?
  • If set free, they would have no where to go; There is a vast amount of empty land to the West
  • Ridding of slavery would destroy our economy; The ridding of slavery would just narrow the gaps between the rich and poor
  • Who will work our farms and plantations?; Farmers and plantation owners can hire legitimate workers and pay them to legally work
  • Why should we change when things have always been this way?; Just because it's always been this way doesn't make it right, slavery is morally wrong and an encroachment on the basic freedoms that America has fought so hard for

Print Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity
Crispus Attucks Coalition, Page I

A national convention was recently held in order to procure a more promising future for this newly spawned country thatwe all call home. The Convention consisted of of political activists from all over including the most morally inspirational and honorable Cripus Attucks coalition who fight for the rights and liberties belonging to the African slave. Starting off this historical meeting was the representative from the Large state plan A MR. James Madison Who fought for the states that were larger to have more political power due to their overall superior size, making points like “all men are created equal, therefore each vote should be weighed equally” and that the large state plan is what is necessary to secure people’s rights because of this.

Following this the representative of the New Jersey plan spoke on the behalf of his colleagues and why his generic idea would most benefit the rest of the country when really his ideas were strictly self motivated and his only wish was for his faction to gain more power and had made his point of very clear that he wants equal representation. Roger Sherman of the spokesperson for the great compromise then was up to say his peace on the behalf of his party calling for the two plans to come to a mutual agreement and saying that “the egos are halting this nations constitution an entirely accurate interjection as both plans were clearly not looking for what was best for the country but what was for their own personal satisfaction. Then the venerable Mr. George Mason of the crispus Attucks coalition made a most intellectual and well thought out speech about how we cannot as a country hope to be great without being morally just. He then makes his opinion on equality known when he states “judge them no by the color of their skin, but the content of their character” and asks the convention very respectfully “why does the north not count their cows, horses, and chickens in their population?” showing the true depth of understanding he has of slavery. Next up were the bigots known as the Dixiecrats and their representative Chanes Pickney who only really made points of how money is the only thing important in America and that America requires and says that “ethical pillars block us from unity”
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saying that if we have no ethics than we have unity and reveals that money is what his main love is not America.

The Debate started off hot With the Large state plan making the opening statement and got the debate going arguing for their plan saying that “if the states have equal representation then the people don’t have equal representation” The New Jersey plan argued back and said that “we are not trying to lessen the rights of the smaller states, but we do have a larger influence” and constantly quarreled over these topics the rest of the debate despite the best efforts of the representatives of the great compromise asking everyone “why can’t we be friends?”. The next great argument came from that of the great Crispus Attucks coalition saying “God freed the Israelites in the bible from slavery” showing that the Cripus Attucks understands that all men our equal even in eyes of god. With The Dixiecrats returning with something as weak and as brittle as a twig by saying “I would personally be kind of Po’d if you stopped slavery” this blatantly shows the Dixiecrats support of enslaving their fellow man.

Whatever the outcome may be I hope for the absolute best outcome that could be achieved on the behalf of my country and the behalf of liberty.

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