Period Three Dixiecrat Bloc

Group Members and Roles

  • Joanna - Debator
  • Isabelle - Video Journalist, Photographer
  • Taylor - Print jounalist
  • Mo - photshop, slogan, radio spot
  • Joe - Orator, TV Ad
  • Kekoa - Brochure, Letter

Group Slogan

"Enslaved Negros Make Happy Chicos!"

What Your Group Wants -- Plan for New Constitution

  • Charles Cotesworth Pickney from South Carolina
  • Congress cannot outlaw, tax or take action against the importation of slaves
  • Decreased regulation of trade therefore allowing more local freedom
  • There must be 2/3 majority vote in both houses to enact tariffs, quotas, or embargoes

    "Enslaved Negros Make Happy Chicos!"

  • persons of servitude” will count as 3/5 of a person for representation purposes when necessary

  • Roger Sherman from Connecticut
  • the word "slavery" or "slave" cannot be mentioned anywhere in the Constitution ; they shall be referred to as "persons held to service."
  • There shall be no tampering with slave trade until 1808
  • Give federal Congress ability to regulate trade and be able to establish tariffs and embargoes by a simple majority

Bullet Points of Your Plan

  • make certain that the colonies remain united, otherwise if slavery becomes restricted, will absolutely break away from the union
  • we are at this convention to focus on our government as well as our economy
  • slavery is the foundation of our country, we are dependent on it, it keeps our plantation but more importantly our economy thriving
  • our entire way of life rest upon the importation of slaves

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Dear the people
Charles Pinkckney speaks of the importance of slavery to the south.
convened here upon this day. It is I, Charles Pickney of the Dixiecrat Bloc. I come before you, the people on Congress, today to address the needs of the house of cards we are building our new nation upon. Contrary to what many of you may believe, I have not arrived here to discuss moral righteousness with you, but instead the concerns that have arisen that cannot be ignored.

We come together as a young nation determined to thrive, yet thus far we stand apart. Moral indifferences have come to cause negligence and hatred between each colony, breaking us farther apart by the minute. Have we fought for freedom together to become divided? Freedom; a touchy word in this land, arousing ethical pillars of which block us from unity. Can we destroy everything we have created to satisfy the need of those that our economy has thrived upon and has provided opportunities of others? The answer, my friends, is we cannot.

The truth is that we cannot begin to change the backbone of our new nation until we have created a new one. I look around and I already see disunity and skirmishes on affairs of the States, it would be illogical to arouse even more disunity and even more conflict on matters of hypocrisy that “all men are created equal”. When you look at a slave you say to have seen brokenness, you say to have seen sorrow, yet the truth is that we the people provide these slaves with the adequate necessities of life of which they were not accustomed to previously. The truth is they used to live like savages, feeding upon the flesh of their own brethren only to be saved by the care of their masters. You cannot assume that under the name of slavery they are not better off. The South has been born upon the necessity of the cheap manpower that slaves provide for this nation. Yet, the impact cannot only be seen in the South. The Southern plantations of who possess slaves are 35% more profitable than those of Northern plantations, justifying that slavery has created a much more prosperous nation. We cannot so easily rid ourselves of the things that we need in order to survive.

We must compromise. It is true that slavery is a wretched aspect of our society, yet it is too controversial to discuss. Placing it in our Constitution would be far too risky a matter to undertake and would cause more grief than good; for, what good is a Constitution if there is no nation to serve under it, broken by the chains of slavery. The words “slave” and “slavery” should not be addressed in the Constitution due to the unrest and lack of movement it would bring. Slaves should be counted as three-fifths of a full individual in the purposes of representation of states. There should be no measures against or tampering with the slave trade until 1808, when we shall hopefully emerge as a nation united. This will ensure that no quarrel shall be made over the matter giving us time to erect a model nation of which the world shall look upon in glory.

I come before you not as an enemy, but as a fellow patriot begging to complete what we have fought so hard for as the United States, please take my words into consideration.

Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies
Roger Sherman thinks slavery is not worth endangering the Convention.

Possible Objections:

Q :Slavery is immoral :
RESPONSE : Morality is not of interest. Morality is a personal belief, it does not refer to the entire nation. Besides Servitude stimulates the economy and keeps the entire Southern portion of America thriving and prosperous. Slavery is beside the point.

Q :“All men are Created Equal”
RESPONSE: I am certain that when Thomas Jefferson wrote that he was referring to the WHTIE MAN, this right didn’t even extend to woman so why the heck would it include slaves!

Q: why can't you set them free?
Answer: All the slaves know is work, they are illiterate and could not survive on their own very well.

Print Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity

"As a southerner, I would be really P.O.ed!" said Joseph - and P.O.ed he was! However this righteous anger did not appear from thin air, my people- oh no- it was fueled by the puerile and unethical demands by the Northern representatives.
Dixiecrat Bloc brochure, Page 1

While the assertions of the Dixiecrat Bloc were both powerful and enlightened, their energies could have been put to better use in debating the direction in which our government should run, rather than wasting time on the issue of slavery that will not, and can not be solved in the present.

While Virginia and New Jersey were left to their bickering over proper representation in the states, our loyal Dixiecrat Bloc representatives were busy defending the honor and southerners everywhere. As for both discussions both sides seemed unable to budge, and unwavering in their agile, and quick-witted responses, except the Crispus Attucks representatives, of course, who were beaten tirelessly into the ground by the hammer of reason and logic. When questioned as to their reasoning for their adamant opposition to slavery, the Cripus Attucks merely replied "It isn't moral", bringing no further arguments very much more diverse than the aforementioned.

The Dixiecrat Bloc however, never neglected an opportunity for the insertion of a new point in their favor. The Cripus Attucks group were asserting that the slaves were able to function and earn their own keep in this country as they are but, Joanna Vasquez so wisely pointed out that they were "illiterate" and "unable to protect themselves", a legitimate concern in todays society, one might say. When the Crispus Attucks representatives attempted to confront their opponents, they could only swear that slaves are intelligent enough to make their own way in the world, to which Joanna so wisely inquired "Do you have any educational establishments?" They stumbled over their reply mumbling that they were in the process of building one. How did they expect to build the establishment- with slaves?

Ever vigilant, Joanna was quick to point out that not only were the advocates for the absurdity that was the
Dixiecrat Bloc brochure, Page 2
abolition of slavery were slave-holders. When confronted, the Crispus Attuck representatives stammered half-heartedly that they were going to free their slaves tomorrow.

As the pro and antislavery groups were debating their positions with all of their might, it seemed as though the whole thing became a slave-holders witch hunt. The Cripus Attucks representatives were not only unnecessarily boorish and callow, they insulted southerners everywhere by questioning their morals, and attempting to deprive them of their 'certain inalienable rights'. It was only natural therefore, that the Dixiecrat Bloc protect themselves from this deprivation with their forewarning of possible conflict between the North and South. After all, a fission between the North and the South could be detrimental to the New England States. As Joe pointed out, the South could be "economically sustained", whereas the resources produced in the North are nowhere near sufficient enough to provide for their well-being in regards to health, trade, or the economy. This split would create two separate and virtually uncooperative powers, neither benefiting from the other.

The Cripus Attucks representatives again began to insensitively prod at the Dixiecrat Bloc, saying that slavery would lead to a "corrupt nation without morals", Chavez, as quick as a bullwhip, grilled them with a burning question of their own ethics. "At a time when the economy is so fragile how can we even begin to question our largest source of income?". This was followed by a contemplative silence as her words settled into the minds of all that were listening.

This convention was certainly overwhelmed with hot air at times, but the outcome is in our favor, oh great inhabitants of the South: slavery is still legal.

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