Period Three Great Compromise

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"Divided we fall, together we stand tall!!!"

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Gentlemen…I stand here before you today from the state of Connecticut.
Roger Sherman urges compromise!
You have heard the plans for this new nation, and I honor these men and what they have stated, however I worry that we will not come to a clear resolution, to many fall to one side or the other. Why is that large states and small states such as New Jersey and Virginia can fight together in a war as one, yet when it comes time for peace and unity, there is no compromise? Let us not alter the outcome of this war with our own petty stubbornness. Let us not crawl back to his holy tyrant like the children he once claimed we were. We have a chance, a chance to become our own nation, FREE of tyrant, FREE of oppression! Let not petty differences in ones plans against another, ruin this chance.

I have listened to all sides, and the two that have caught my attention the most are the differences in the New Jersey Plan, and the Virginia plan. Differences…as

i have sat here and listened to the intellectuals that have spoken today I have come to realization, that its not stubbornness, but ignorance that is halting our nations constitution. I agree with both sides on CEARTIN aspects, but not all. New Jersey and Virginia have come to this continental meeting in hopes that they will leave fully satisfied with their plan being the one accepted and used in this new nation. However, wouldn’t we just be back to where we started? Wouldn’t it make one state more powerful then its sister state?! Wouldn’t it make one the parent and one the child?! Just like the tyrant of England had made us! WE MUST COMPRIMISE!

Both sides have come to a conclusion that it is critical that we have three branches of government. Legislative, executive and judicial, with legislative

"Divided we fall, together we stand tall!"

being able to control who serves in the executive branch and the judicial branch. New Jersey however wants the three same branches of government, with legislative choosing those to serve in the executive branch while those in the executive branch choose those to serve in the judicial branch. We both agree that three branches of government is crucial for checks and balances in the government, and I purpose we meet in the middle. Have three branches with two houses, with all the states having a say to choose the people to serve in the legislative branch, the legislature chooses those in the executive and the executive choose the judicial branch, as New Jersey purposed. That way both sides get some of what they want without either being fully satisfied!

In the legislative branch, Virginia wants two houses, electing the people who serve with states being represented proportionally. New Jersey however, wants just one house where all states share power. They seem almost identical, however it is obvious that the best way is to have two houses with two senators from each state so everyone is represented equally like New Jersey wants, and the lower second house is represented based upon size of an individual state. This way each state has a proportional say in this new nation, with no parent and no children states.

Gentlemen, the delegates have said, “some general government must be established,” well I say that together in compromise, this nation will have a government in which everyone is equal, and no one is oppressed. However, if you would choose not to comprimise then you hath fought this war for nothing and we must go back to his holy tyrant, not as children, but as the babies we would have proved ourselves to be..

Compromise gentlemen…compromise.

Print Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity

Today was the step to unification for America! It was a day to never be forgotten in history. It was the start of making America a grand nation.
Ben Franklin wants everyone to reach consensus...
Participating in the Convention were the following : Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Roger Sherman, Patrick Henry and others.

The convention opened up with an argumentative statement, from the Virginia Plan, explaining that each state should be represented individually. James Madison claims “this is not meant to lessen rights, but to secure them”. The New Jersey Plan refused to agree, for they represented equality for all states regardless of the population. Patrick Henry inputted “The united States was built upon equality, yes? This is why we moved to America”. Both sides seem to have made excellent points regarding their claims. Each plan stubbornly disagreed with one another, back and forth.

The Great Compromise stepped their foot in the discussion briefly explaining the meaning of the Articles of Confederation. Compromise is the only solution to settle this situation. Franklin and Sherman suggested having two branches and as many representatives as needed in each state. Franklin ended by stating, “If we are not willing to compromise, then we should have stayed colonies”.

Crispus Attucks’s began by mentioning slavery ruins the word equality and what the Bible states. Our nation was built on morals, not corruption, they explained. They made their point clear by repeatedly stating that slaves are human beings, not animals. They were willing to compromise with the Dixie Crats Plan by asking them to free their slaves and they can keep their slaves. Unfortunately, agreement was not what they were hoping for. They defended themselves by simply saying slaves are a prominent source. Salves do well for the progress of the economy.
Great Compromise handout
The Crispus Attucks Coalition was fully willing to compromise, though the stubbornness of the Dixie Crats did not allow it.

Once again the Great Compromise got involved in the argument. They had no understanding of why the Dixie Crats’ were not willing to meet down the middle with the Crispus Attucks. Franklin felt as though their stubbornness was unnecessary. As something Franklin would do, he quoted words from John Locke’s to try to resolve the problem.

Inspiring as Franklin and Sherman were, Sherman concluded one last thing to end the chaos. He briefly told of a childhood story that could have been entitled “The Story of the Bully”. Explaining the bigger guy cannot bully the smaller one, translating that Virginia cannot rule over New Jersey. We must meet down the middle and stop acting childish as kids on a playground. We do not want to end up being another England!

The end result of the convention finally came about a compromise. There would be three main branches of government: executive, judicial, and legislature. Equality representation will be in one house of legislature; and soon slavery would be abolished. It seems as though the Great Compromise had a tremendous effect on the convention. “Divided we fall, together we stand tall”.

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