Period Three New Jersey Plan

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"Equal Representation; it'll fix the Situation."

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"Equal Representation; it'll fix the Situation."

Orator: Text of Your Speech

Hello my fellow Americans. Wow, it is amazing how wonderful it is to say that,
William Patterson suggests the New Jersey Plan!
“fellow Americans.” My fellow Americans, we have been fighting a long time for our freedom, for our independence, for our own government. Years have gone by, lives have been lost, and yet, we have won my friends, we have won! I do believe that we should all be satisfied that liberty has triumphed over tyranny. And now, here we all are, getting ready to decide the future of our new country. This Convention will decide the fate of our infant nation, it will decide whether we fail, whether we succeed, or, as our ex-King hopes, whether we will wish for monarchial power to save us. Britain cannot wait for us to come crawling back to them, their newly freed slaves begging to be in bondage once more, our “mother” country, silently hoping for the failure of its fledgling. We must not allow them such opportunity! It is for these reasons, my friends, that we must choose wisely the path we take, for any misstep will lead to our demise. I, Patrick Henry, want to see this country thrive, want to see the British thwarted, want to see our own flag forever fly over this grand, newly formed, republic.

King George III-may his death come soon-bullied us. He, being of the larger more country, abused us, the smaller, innocent country. I’m sure none of us reasonable Americans would ever support a larger power unfairly ruling over a smaller one! Well my friends, this is what is presented by the Virginia Plan. America’s larger states would become behemoths of corruption that would trample on the rights of those equally as vital small states. This is because in the two houses that this plan requires, the amount of representatives per state would be determined by the state’s population. I’m sure the reasonable man would see how extremely unfair this is to those vertically challenged states. Our soldiers did not die to see a free nation transform into a nation where the smaller states are slaves, bound forever in the chains of unequal representation! If this plan were to go into effect we would have to hide our state assemblies, hide our rights and hide our congress because they would be raping all the political systems up in here. My friends, I fear for this country when I take into consideration all that is wrong with this dastardlyNj1.jpg plan, this nefarious scheme! With the power the large states would have over the small states, it would be all too easy for them to take control of the small states through unjust laws and taxes, and tyranny would replace the glorious republic we have fought so hard to create. Having just escaped a corrupt ruler, are we really prepared to walk into the lair of another?

What’s that my friends? You see a glimmer of hope? I see it too. My friends, the only path that can lead us down the road of equality, of fairness, of strength, is the New Jersey Plan. This plan will allow equal representation for all the states. Was not this whole revolution fought for equality? Is it not wrong for us to deny equality simply based on size? At the end of the day does size really matter? Is it not true that we, a small rebel force in the eyes of the gargantuan British, deserved equal rights? Is it not wrong of us to do to the small states what the British did to us for years and years? My friends, it is time for us to see the necessity of the New Jersey Plan. The Virginia Plan will unfairly allow the massive to flourish, at the expense of those fun-sized states whose rights we have sworn in the Declaration of Independence to protect. “All men are created equal”, well then, all states must have the same number of men to represent them, equal representation my friends, equal representation! The New Jersey plan would have a legislative branch, which would appoint people to serve in the executive branch, which would select the justices destined to serve in the judicial branch. These three separate but equal houses would balance each out and prevent any corruption! The Virginia Plan would easily allow the state laws of the large states to become the laws of the whole nation.

So my friends and fellow Americans, I present you with a choice, a choice which will decide the fate of our nation. Let this country fail by following the inherently unjust and despotic Virginia Plan, or, pick equal representation; it will fix the situation.

Debater: Possible Objections to Plan and Your Replies

Oh no! We need to have representation by population, that's the only fair way!
  • False. Representation by Population makes a person from Virginia have more influence than a person from New Jersey, which is the opposite of fair. If everyone were to be voting for the same amount of representatives it would make everyone's vote equal.

Two houses of legislature would be better since it would balance out
  • Two houses of legislature would simply be inefficient.

The government shouldn't impose taxes. That's what Britain did therefore it's bad!
  • Britain had taxation without representation, which is why it was bad. Some form of taxes are necessary to have a stable government. Also, if the Virginia Plan were passed, there would be taxation without equal representation for the small states.

Congress and the courts shouldn't' have the power to make a "supreme law of the land" that would lead to tyranny!
  • It wouldn't since we would have the power to vote in these people, and vote them out.

Print Journalist: Write-Up of Convention Activity

A momentary hush fell over the room as James Madison pompously strode up to address the Convention. The hush soon gave way to hisses and cries of outrage as Madison began to lay the first bricks to a plan to anarchy. Crumpled papers and words began to hail down upon Madison’s weak shoulders. He stated “let us put our differences aside” and then proceeded to explain how that statement actually meant become our servants. Madison’s mask slipped as he proclaimed that “the cries for equal representation have not fallen upon deaf ears”, for it was obvious that he was incorrect even in that point. Madison wrapped up his nine hour soliloquy with the phrase a “new world calls for new ideals”. While the other men in the Convention were heard to whisper “new ideals??” It was clear that Madison meant, in his own words, that we should submit to a new “tightening grip of a tyrannical monarch.” Also known as Virginia.


And then the Magnificent William Patterson rose. And taking the floor with grace, he began his truly magnificent speech about freedom and justice and liberty. While his steel blue eyes sparked with the fire of freedom, his words rang out. “We have a choice” he proclaimed. His clever words and skillfully structured sentences outline a plan. To “see this country thrive.” Patterson told the convention of the sad fact that “smaller states are chained” (to tyrants of the likes of Virginia) and that “we have escaped a corrupt government, would we walk into a lair of another?” That “simply because of size” that America should be ruined? He proposed the ingenious plan for equal representation. As he finished his speech, nay, poetry, ecstatic cheers echoed in the room. While the irate Virginia Plan supporters angrily assaulted him with missiles.

And following Patterson, Roger Sherman put forth the ludicrous idea that the LOWER house should have equal representation. It was plain to see that Virginia was looking the other way as they slipped gold into his pocket. Thankfully Sherman’s speech was so brief as to be almost forgotten. Then the Cripus Attacks Coalition began their proposals, followed immediately by the Dixiecrat Block, both of who were obscenely obtuse with each other, though both cheered and promoted the New Jersey Plan, while more often than not, throwing crumpled papers at the supporters of the Virginia Plan.

A debate among the five proposals soon ensued. The Virginia Plan debaters aged during the debate. The stress of being even simply under the gaze of William Patterson and Patrick Henry caused the hairs on their heads to wither. Beginning their arguments with tremulous statements of “cheated out of rights” and “states can vote fairly” it was soon clear they were very far in over their heads as Henry and Patterson swatted away these statements like so many flies.

The Cripus Attucks and Dixiecrat Bloc were at each other’s throats throughout the entire debate, going so far as to question morality
William Patterson debates a point.
and personal examples of each other. The hailstorm of constant fire even provoked the normally docile Charles Pinckney to shout “Well as a Southern, I’d personally be really kind of P.O.d”. The fire fight continued with the Dixiecrats questioning “why would you pay for something if you could get it for free?” While the Cripus Attucks responded with promises of selling slaves “tomorrow”. And such a trivial debate this slavery debate was, in comparison to the ominous looming of a new Virginia monarchy.

As tempers rose, Patrick Henry shouted “NO! I want a country founded on equality, which is what I thought we fought this whole revolution for!!!” His cowering opponents, stupefied from the glory that radiated from each and every pore of his being, meekly replied “so you want to start your own country?” The continued blundering of the Virginia Plan caused a passionate patriot to throw a tomato in their direction, while a member of the New Jersey Plan put it simply: “well Plan B is just reproduce like flies.”

Benjamin Franklin sang out “why can’t we be friends” to try and ease the tangible tension that filled the air. But to no avail. The truth and reason of the New Jersey Plan finally was heard in the steel plated heads of the Virginia Plan supporters as the day drew to a close. By the end of the debate, even the Virginia Plan supporters were pushing for equal representation. While the debate on slavery and its role in representation is still undecided, a “compromise”, in reality it was an ultimatum, was cracked down upon the innocent New Jersey supporters by George Washington. An upper house would be represented through population, while a lower house would be represented by stateship, regardless of size. The hopeful butterfly of a plan from New Jersey was crushed.
New Jersey Plan handout

We pray that this country will learn from its mistakes, as it is what separates us from England, this learning process. We pray that we will not be chained under Virginia simply because of size, and we pray that a conclusion will be reached on the great slave debate. We pray that the New Jersey plan will succeed, and that this country will have true representation. We pray that our young nation will be an example. We pray for life, liberty and the pursuit of Snookiedoodles.

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